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Balor (click for more info)
Cirque du Soulblighter (CiRQUE).force (df)
Team Orleans (TO)Team Q.P. (qp)
Medieval Soccer Hooligans (MSH)Cloudspine Militia (CM)
Oderic (click for more info)
Men of Rohan (MoR)Real Men (rm)
Ascension (A)Creation (c)
Ferocious Newbies (fn)From MaRRs (MaRRs)
Balin (click for more info)
TeAm AnGrY FaCe (12inch)Brotherhood of BoB (BoB)
Kentucky Fighting Chickens (KFC)Descendents of Hell (DoH)
ARMY (na) 
Connacht (click for more info)
Northern Paladins (Np)Madrigal Chamber of Commerce (MCC)
Order Me Another Guinness (OMAG)The War Dorfs (twd)
Knights of Camelot (KoC)The Regular Order of Fries (ROoF)
Soulblighter (click for more info)
The Syndicate (syn)Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight (cghw)
Beefeater (BF)Old School GWAR (GWAR)
Muirthemne Militia (MM) 
Morningwood (click for more info)
The Cagey Inquisition (CI)Greek Gods (GG)
Legacy (Lg)kuklandet (kuk)
Knights of Myth (KoM)Patriots of Braveheart (PBH)
Myrdred (click for more info)
Glue The Moose (gtm)Legion of the Avatara (LoA)
The Fallen Bishops (tfb)Harajuku Drinkers (HD)
The Jenova Project (ff)gimble r'us (gru)
Alric (click for more info)
Triple Nipple (TN)PoOp (PoOp)
Tank Clan (TCL)Havin' a Blast (HB)
Jack of Betrayber (J.B.)Even Idiots Can Win (Idiot)
The Summoner (click for more info)
Iron Chef (IC)Monkey Island (mi)
Cacrajou Circle (Cacra)Ancrik (Ancrik)
Predictable (Mt.) 
Phelot (click for more info)
Evil Inc. (evilinc)Wolfpack (WP)
Orgasmic Hamsters (OH)Bastards (Bastard)
Shiver (click for more info)
TenCrik (s8)The Cult (tc)
Clan Mac Gaming (CMG)Metallicats (MetaC)
The Crazy Ones (TCO)Mean Monkey Cheeze (MMC)
Garrick (click for more info)
9th Circle iz Boo (58TH)Kings of Aesir (Aesir)
F,communications (F)Mercenaries of Light (MoL)
blairMagnet (bM) 
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