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Two madmen were skiing on the field, and then suddenly the other one broke his stick and said "Damn!". And then the other one comforted "Dont worry, my mother doesn't own a snack shop either!"
Grim iz suhc a fukn' sith haed!!!!!!!!!
    Pumpa: WTF!? Omg lemme cap the next1!
    Grim: :O
    Reiny: Yeah let Pumpa cap!
    Grim: :O
    Arzenic: Sigh!
    Grim: :O
    Rotten: Rotten sux!
    Grim: :O
    Enigman: DANGER!
    Grim: :O
    IhmeMies: SIEG HEIL!
    Grim: :O
    Blackie: Kuis sun kikkeli roikkuu?
    Grim: :O
    Duke: Damn U guys suck!
   So what do we learn from this?
  Blackie: Otatko Minulta Suihin!?
    Allways eat your beef, or the beef will eat you!
Threat Assessment:
We recently received some winning films from these guys, so that we could give them a real assessment. Based on those films (two koth clash, a hunting gyre, and a ctf float), I'm pretty comfortable predicting a DE1 exit for Beefeater.
Update DE2:  BF played average in the QR, losing to the good teams with tourney experience but defeating those that dont.  Once in the DE though they faced a descent HB team.  They played their best yet and soundly defeated HB.  They then moved on to face a much stronger TN team in DE2.  They showed up and played well, but didnt have what it took to knock off TN, which sent them to the Winnowing bracket.  BF has a chance to make some noise in the bottom bracket, but dont expect them to step it up once a "known" team comes a knockin.
This team has received 114 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:TrowTrowTrow
Team Roster
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Pumba (UUAA)ReiNDeeR (OOHH)Rotten (kauppias)grim (tanu)Arzenic (PUNCHER)IhmeMies (mchammer)Ety (ozman)Blackie (cooljay)Enigman (enigman1)Duke (vermin)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:33
QR Pool:Soulblighter
QR Exit Seed:24
QR Diff Avg:10.75
Points Scored:330
Points Allowed:243
Avg Point Diff:12.43
Team Kills:1081
Damage Done:9584
Damage Taken:8774
Frequent Captains
grim (tanu)W/T/L: 10/1/2Captained: 13Enigman (enigman1)W/T/L: 2/0/2Captained: 4Rotten (kauppias)W/T/L: 2/0/2Captained: 4
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