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Monkey Island

Aye, we kill fer grog!
Monkey Island.
The lush, mysterious island with the multitude of high palm-trees growing in the middle. And so it came to pass, that many years after the famous adventure of Guybrush Threepwood the First on the islands of the Caribbean, a small group of Pirates, and a notorious skull, gathered around a campfire with some laptops, on the same island as Guybrush had lived on.  
These brave pirates ( and the skull ), had all aquired a game to entertain them while they were waiting for the next sequel in their favorite Game-Series. This game just happened to be Myth 2: Soulblighter, so why shouldn't they "rob' em al' of der money" in some online gaming. They heard about this tournament called the Myth World Cup and thought, "H A R, the Caribbeans arent represented, aye mate, lets steal' der grog and get them guts ripped out". And so they joined. And here we are now.
Threat Assessment:
Rumors abound as to who Monkey Island may be - some say Alliance, others say BMF, others still say a conglomerate of both. Unfortunately, none of the staff have had a chance to play with them to assess them for ourselves, but they're definitely a team to watch out for if the rumors prove true.

Update (QR2): It seems that mi have fallen on some hard luck - first forfeited to by the lowest seed in their bracket, and then finding themselves on the receiving end of the only major upset so far in the tourney. They'll need to shape up for their next match to hang on to all four of their Trow.

Update DE2: mi had a better end to their QR than beginning earning a 16th seed in the DE.  Once in the DE they faced a lowly MSH squad who wasnt prepared for mi's power.  Mi found themselves in the DE2 vs a tough tc team.  This match was very very controversial and in the end mi advanced to DE3 in the top bracket.  They now face 12" in DE3 which will be a tough task for them.  Expect mi to play well but not good enough to hang with 12".  Anything is possible though, we'll see the results soon.

Update DE3: mi was robbed this past week on a rule that favors the higher seed, even though the higher seed didnt outplay them.  mi will continue in MWC though in the bottom bracket.  Expect mi to take their aggression out on KuK this week.

Update 4E: mi survived some errors and once again pulled themselves out of the fire.  They lost 2-1 games but won on pts vs kuk.  Next up for mi is Aesir.  mi will need to play better vs a more seasoned team to advance.
This team has received 461 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:TrowTrowTrowTrow
Contacts:MurrayDaSkullRum Rodgers
Team Roster
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Captain Dread (l0st)FlyingWelshman (MadChicken)MurrayDaSkull (dethmad)Lechuck (ojmt)Drunk Ghost (Wasingham)Ignatius Cheese (cloudkill)Palido Domingo (stampy)Guybrush (bonjornste)Rum Rodgers (monkeyspank)Mad Marty (monkeybrain)Rapp Scallion (lahran)Elaine Marley (chimchim)Slappy Cromwell (kofmalkier)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:3
QR Pool:The Summoner
QR Exit Seed:16
QR Diff Avg:22.50
Points Scored:714
Points Allowed:473
Avg Point Diff:17.21
Team Kills:2371
Damage Done:19831
Damage Taken:16927
Frequent Captains
Drunk Ghost (Wasingham)W/T/L: 14/1/3Captained: 18FlyingWelshman (MadChicken)W/T/L: 8/0/4Captained: 12MurrayDaSkull (dethmad)W/T/L: 4/0/3Captained: 7
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