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TeAm AnGrY FaCe

We don't like you >:(
Get out of our team page. >:(
Team Angry Face is to be not associated with "12 inch club" in any way.
Threat Assessment:
I think some members are lying about their size, but the majority are not.

An experienced rabble team with more general skill than osw and the like, they have the potential to go far. A good dark horse team for the finals, they will go to DE4 at the worst.

Update (QR3): They have been really strutting their stuff so far. With proven teamwork and skill, it won't be surprising to see >:( in the finals.

Update (QR5): >:( has proven to be an explosive team, their only challenge coming due to their trowless strategy, and they won that game anyway. We fully expect >:( to nonchalantly massacre their way into the semifinals.

Update DE2:  Team angry face walked through QR and earned a 1st seed in DE.  Once in DE they destroyed a undermanned bM team in DE1.  Then in DE2 they faced a better Lg team, but they werent much of a challenge as >:( gave up only the minimum amount of pts. In DE3 though they will face a tougher Mi or tc team which should give them their first scare, and we will finally see >:( take a match seriously.

Update DE3: >:( struggled vs mi in DE3 and earned a win on a technicallity.  >:( was finally challenged and continued through a tough match.  Expect a more prepared team vs TN this week.

Update DE4: Angry Face end up battling an undermanned TN team, and the results are ugly. Angry even use a trowless strategy on Barb Valley, to add insult to injury. This week marks the first week where all the strong teams will face off against one another, and on Angry's agenda for the week is the Cagey Inquisition - a match that >:( will surely want to prepare well for.
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Team Roster
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Kap (hellfire15)Flatline (Flatline)Sunstyle (1BigStudD)Regulus (guerro21)Rattle Snake (Perfect)Papascrub (Papascrub)Henry (Luckypimp)Ramirez (rectumitis)Odin (Odin)Myrkridon (darkomen1)Naelot (harbinger)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:2
QR Pool:Balin
QR Exit Seed:1
QR Diff Avg:42.50
Points Scored:761
Points Allowed:334
Avg Point Diff:38.82
Team Kills:2632
Damage Done:21207
Damage Taken:12997
Frequent Captains
Myrkridon (darkomen1)W/T/L: 19/1/3Captained: 23Papascrub (Papascrub)W/T/L: 6/0/2Captained: 8Kap (hellfire15)W/T/L: 5/0/2Captained: 7
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