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The War Dorfs

We're not sadist, we just like to beat people.
The War Dorfs was created by Magne for about one month ago...
        And Magne have done a good job recruiting  enough players on only one moth... That's a good job! We have nine players now and we'll kick some of the less experienced teams ass.
        Loial is LoA, uWillDie was Killer Tomatoes, and WaRp played MWC last year for Die.
    Except from Loial defeating Koga and SAGAT in tbd2 before he was eliminated in round 3 in a set of close games with Monk, and Magne and Loial making the quarter-finals of tgft we have no tournament sucess. Thats right and we have no m2sbr neither!

7/16/01 Update:  After a match with gtm that was not too pleasent due to lack of practice, we're gonna put our time into practicing and working our our skills tremedously.  WATCH OUT!
Threat Assessment:
We hesitate to predict much of anything for twd, as they strike us as completely unpredictable.

They could go down in a blaze of glory somewhere in the DE or fail utterly in the QR. Only time will tell with this one.
Update DE2: twd managed a 2-0-3 record in the QR and earned a 38th seed in the DE.  Once in the DE, they drew a rm team that could be deadly if prepared.  twd though, turned out to be the prepared team and knocked off the higher seeded rm.  twd moved onto DE2 to face gtm.  twd didnt know how to handle gtm's power and gtm knocked twd to the bottom bracket.  twd has a shot to make some noise in the bottom bracket, but its up to them if they want to fight for it.
This team has received 101 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:TrowTrow
Contacts:LoialMagne # 9
Team Roster
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Loial (Eirik01)Magne # 9 (Magne)Illuminator (Saber4)Duster (anderson97)Warp (molle)u will die (tjotjo)Rnard Elder (Rnard)ACE (ACEck2)Deadly Pego (Sparkle)Pyscho         (bob14)Chohan (From)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:31
QR Pool:Connacht
QR Exit Seed:38
QR Diff Avg:-4.80
Points Scored:369
Points Allowed:382
Avg Point Diff:-1.44
Team Kills:1254
Damage Done:10856
Damage Taken:10667
Frequent Captains
Loial (Eirik01)W/T/L: 5/1/6Captained: 12Chohan (From)W/T/L: 5/0/3Captained: 8Magne # 9 (Magne)W/T/L: 3/0/3Captained: 6
Build time: 16ms