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Cacrajou Circle

Losing to Cacra is kind of like losing to that skinny nerd kid in 7th grade who always gets picked on, but has decided to learn karate and stand up for himself
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Threat Assessment:
Well, they're not new... but they sure play like it :)Cacra's roster isn't rock-solid, but they do have some respectable individual talent, and should be able to have a more impressive run than they did in TBT if they put in the dedication necessary.

Update: At his request, here is some verbal abuse for Bombtrack: Bomb, wtf. You suck, dude!

Update QR3: Cacra takes a very hard fall against Monkey Island. This does not bode well for them.

Update DE2:  Cacra in the QR didnt step up to the challenge of any team that gave a crap about MWC.  In the DE, cacra has changed.  They now practice, play as a team, and show confidence in their play.  Creation didnt know what hit them in DE1 and got sent to the bottom bracket hard.  Cacra then faced a very strong 9Boo squad.  Cacra met the challenge and is moving along into DE3 and will probably face a tough TN team.  Cacra has shown alot of people that they now can step it up in games they must win.  Lets see if they can keep this up and continue to move in the top bracket.  
Update DE3: Cacra fell to TN in DE3 in a close match.  Their run in the top is over, but lets see if their MWC run can continue this weekend vs cghw and then vs ei/A.
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Team Roster
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Bombtrack (bsontag)Citan (Balz)Cu'Roi (Paper)Kugar (Kugar)Okko (Trogin)Pompous (SoulBlinky)Kazam (Bandio)Thorman (Thormn)Weltall (Deton8tor7)Wank (bonk69)P. McCartny (dex6)Tormin (Tormin)bob (bob16)Giant Killer General (GiantKille)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:8
QR Pool:The Summoner
QR Exit Seed:25
QR Diff Avg:9.75
Points Scored:552
Points Allowed:344
Avg Point Diff:18.91
Team Kills:1775
Damage Done:15211
Damage Taken:11163
Frequent Captains
P. McCartny (dex6)W/T/L: 8/0/4Captained: 12Okko (Trogin)W/T/L: 2/0/4Captained: 6bob (bob16)W/T/L: 3/0/1Captained: 4
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