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Muirthemne Militia

It's not the first kill that counts... but the Last.
Although many members of Muirthemne Militia go back to the original Myth: The Fallen Lords, the order itself wasn't founded until roughly a month or so after the release of Myth II: Soulblighter.
   The order was founded on the strangely foreign idea that Myth was ment to be played for fun, and not points. While by no means a unique concept, I beleive I'm not alone when I state that an alarmingly large amount of players often forget that the purpose of competition is *not* to seperate winners from loosers, but rather to have fun.
   Back in the day when this order was founded, however, rank "h00rz" breeded like rabbits and overan the Bungie.Net servers like a living wall of vermin =) Thank God people place less emphasize (sp?) now on Rank then earlier.

   Well, anyways, back to the point -and away from my rambalings- Our order is just another fun-loving gang of screwballs that bum away the evening, night after night, on beloved Bungie.Net =) We also pump out a map or two on occasion- especially the first of the two leaders in our order, Snakebellywagonrut.
   One of the disadvantages to our lighthearted approach to competition is we're more prone to having newbie players amongst our ranks =) Learning from that mistake in Champions of Myth (that, and the fact that our order's ranks change like the freakin' weather- and we're currently on a low note), we're sticking to more of the elder-only members of Muirthemne Militia to compete in the Myth World Cup.

   So... yeah, well, Remember to wipe your feet at the front door and try not to kick our arses too bad. Cya on Bungie =) Have fun, gg's, g'luck, and g'nite.

   -Zyros The Dark Elf
Threat Assessment:
The Militia is a team capable of advancing into the DE, and perhaps winning a round.

Their lack of experience and sound strategy will be their undoing.
Update DE2:  MM didnt have that good of a QR and only posted one victory, a one point win over GWAR.  After that they faced a high seed in the DE and got kicked to the lower bracket by gtm.  Once there they faced a CMG team, which they gave a good match to, but it wasnt enough to keep their head above water.  MM was eliminated by CMG and their DE time was short lived.  We wish MM gl in the future.
This team has received 79 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:TrowTrow
Contacts:SnakebellywagonrutZyros The Dark Elf
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Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:60
QR Pool:Soulblighter
QR Exit Seed:60
QR Diff Avg:-33.75
Points Scored:140
Points Allowed:359
Avg Point Diff:-36.50
Team Kills:489
Damage Done:5136
Damage Taken:8934
Frequent Captains
Zyros The Dark Elf (Lindbry)W/T/L: 3/0/10Captained: 13Snakebellywagonrut (Xylgryn)W/T/L: 0/0/6Captained: 6Wizard (evilvid)W/T/L: 0/0/1Captained: 1
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