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"Never once had we seen anything as shocking nor beautiful as these foliated giants,' he wrote. 'with arms of thick oak branches, legs of rock-solid oak stumps, and chests like barrels of lead... one would think such a creature to be incapable of any sort of grace, and yet as my men looked on, the great giant scaled a ridge in seconds that would have taken our squad an hour.'"
The Cagey Inquisitionn/a30-3259-1259-1259-1257-1236.80
Greek Gods32-30n/a48-1244-3456-1856-1525.40
Patriots of Braveheart12-5918-5616-5924-43n/a26-49-34.00
Knights of Myth12-5715-560-6218-5849-26n/a-33.00
Match TimeCIkukGGPBHLgKoM
Sat, June 9, 5 pm centralKoMLgPBHGGkukCI
Fri, June 15, 7 pm centralLgPBHKoMkukCIGG
Sat, June 16, 5 pm centralPBHGGkukCIKoMLg
Fri, June 22, 7 pm centralGGKoMCILgPBHkuk
Sat, June 23, 5 pm centralkukCILgKoMGGPBH
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