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"...yet not a soul has dared return to the Great Devoid since Balor's head was cast in. Legend tells that for thirty years after Balor's defeat, on the eve of every full moon, the wailing of the damned would rise like a cacophony from the pit and could be heard for miles around."
Cirque du Soulblightern/a46-1954-1352-1559-1262-1240.40
Team Orleans13-5446-21n/a23-4648-2656-194.00
Team Q.P.15-5215-5546-23n/a45-3958-18-1.60
Medieval Soccer Hooligans12-5918-5226-4839-45n/a43-22-17.60
Cloudspine Militia12-6219-6219-5618-5822-43n/a-38.20
Sat, June 9, 5 pm centralCMqpdfTOMSHCiRQUE
Fri, June 15, 7 pm centralqpdfCMMSHCiRQUETO
Sat, June 16, 5 pm centraldfTOMSHCiRQUECMqp
Fri, June 22, 7 pm centralTOCMCiRQUEqpdfMSH
Sat, June 23, 5 pm centralMSHCiRQUEqpCMTOdf
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