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9th Circle iz Boo

May I touch you
kiDo is =^_^=

Fishie is <•}}><

=^_^= + <•}}>< = GG

blup = boo

\/    actually, we're mostly former ID people
Threat Assessment:
58th and Boo! have merged to form Rabble Forces. The name is an apt description of the team. Combining the already rabbleicious, but skilled, Boo! team with the undermanned and somewhat rusty 58th, RF is something of an oddity.

While not quite as surprising an entry as Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight, RF does't seem an intuitive combination. They have the potential to do quite well, as the raw skill of their players is certianly a cut above teh average. We'll update the TA as it becomes more clear how the chemistry of this team is developing.

Update DE2:  9boo had a good run in QR going 3-1-0 with the only blemish a tie to Aesir.  After that they beat RoOf quite handily and showed good poise and teamwork.  In DE2 however, they met a well prepared Cacra squad and hit a brick wall.  They seem a bit frustrated and a few of their big named players didnt make the match, which inevitably sent them to the winnowing bracket.  9boo is extremely capable of making a impact and a huge run in the bottom bracket, but it will be up to them if they are going to step it up.
Update DE3: 9Boo played well last weekend by defeating HB and WP and moving them further into the tourney.  Next up for them though was a tougher tencrik team.  9Boo didnt play their best and it showed as they were shown the door.  9Boo made things interesting in the bootom, but it wasnt enough to keep their heart pounding.
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Contacts:Lady ArwenDark Star
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Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:18
QR Pool:Garrick
QR Exit Seed:8
QR Diff Avg:31.00
Points Scored:447
Points Allowed:247
Avg Point Diff:22.22
Team Kills:1358
Damage Done:11817
Damage Taken:9610
Frequent Captains
Dark Star (Birvine)W/T/L: 9/0/3Captained: 12Lady Arwen (fates3)W/T/L: 3/0/2Captained: 5Wizdomatic (trife)W/T/L: 1/0/2Captained: 3
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