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gimble r'us

I've never played this map
Gimble r'us is composed of bnet's most frequent
and arguably most skilled Gimble players. Not
a high-profile bunch, but with skills known to
any who step into a ranked or unranked Gimble
match, be it bacon, captures, or koth.

The biggest problem for this team is that they
are mainly bloodlusty FFA hooligans who have never
joined ranks for team play.

However, given their respective individual skills
expect the unexpected when the match is on the
Threat Assessment:
Gimble have a fair chance of making the DE if they really push themselves. Very capable with most light units and can be found nightly playing gimble. Though, that will most likely be their undoing.

Expect an update after their first week of play.
Update DE2: gru had a pretty awful QR, not winning a single match and barely making the DE ranked 63rd.  They faced a powerhouse in DE1, ei, and got sent to the bottom bracket.  Next up in the bottom bracket was DoH.  gru must have scared DoH off as they will stay alive for one more week at least, as DoH didnt show up.
This team has received 11 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:Trow
Contacts:Timmy     GRUp * P a w n * Gru
Team Roster
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p * P a w n * Gru (princepawn)Timmy     GRU (Timmy)terayon     +gru+ (ogikubo)tHe BlackNiGht grU (longjohn)da bad monkey (monkey)McTavish (summit)URzooked (tj0299)GrogMonster (surfergrog)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:48
QR Pool:Myrdred
QR Exit Seed:63
QR Diff Avg:-40.80
Points Scored:152
Points Allowed:443
Avg Point Diff:-36.38
Team Kills:568
Damage Done:4588
Damage Taken:9735
Frequent Captains
Timmy     GRU (Timmy)W/T/L: 1/0/7Captained: 8p * P a w n * Gru (princepawn)W/T/L: 0/0/5Captained: 5GrogMonster (surfergrog)W/T/L: 0/0/5Captained: 5
Build time: 22ms