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The Syndicate

The Syndicate was formed recently as all of the members of the formerly known Wight Foundation, but without the annoying presences that were dragging us down (sorry, but you were).  This will be officially our third tourney, as this team played as the Sesame Studs in the CoM tournament in which we placed 3rd, and are currently undefeated and in the semi-finals of The Blood Tournament.  

If you should be lucky enough to play us, you will be exposed to ceaseless, meaningless chat such as "SOMK, GOJW, FY" and stupid things like that.  Enjoy it, and STFU about it because we don't care and we won't stop.
Threat Assessment:
Formerly The Wight Foundation, the Syndicate is a slightly revamped and recalibrated team.

They are formidable, confident, and consistent. They are a minor threat for the title, but provide a very real hazard for any other team.

Expect syn to collect handsomely from some of this tournament's favorites.

Update QR3: Though a surprising upset by cghw knocked Syn down a few pegs, they're still playing more or less on the level we expected. Downgraded to 4 trow until they can redeem themselves :)

Update DE2: As yet untested in the DE, Syn's upcoming match with GTM has the potential to be one of the highlights of the tournament.
Update DE3: Syn was tested in DE3 and syn came up a bit short vs gtm.  They now find themselves in the bottom bracket where they must win to stay alive.  Thier first matchup was against a upstart tc team.  tc gave them a good match, but syn's experience prevailed. Expect syn to provide some more good films and mb a run in the bottom.
This team has received 796 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:TrowTrowTrowTrow
Contacts:Sir RobynHannibal
Team Roster
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Shaitan (shaitan)Quickie (slick)Q tip (flungdung)Sir Slasher (sirslasher)Sir Robyn (bohemund)Raziel (reload)Jengizu (jengizu)Hannibal (chris454)Treebeard (treebeard)Scout (scoutII)Afterlife (badtwix)SPIKE (ruga1)HeRo (mals)Zephyr (groden)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:13
QR Pool:Soulblighter
QR Exit Seed:11
QR Diff Avg:28.75
Points Scored:477
Points Allowed:250
Avg Point Diff:25.22
Team Kills:1440
Damage Done:12062
Damage Taken:9022
Frequent Captains
Hannibal (chris454)W/T/L: 11/0/5Captained: 16Sir Robyn (bohemund)W/T/L: 2/1/2Captained: 5Shaitan (shaitan)W/T/L: 3/0/1Captained: 4
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