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Patriots of Braveheart

0mg, j00 5t3l mmm ptz
We are PBH, We are Great, We like fries and pornography! We are being controlled by a super immortal deth chicken, we hav no lifez so we play miff, we are going to finish in last place, we will not pratice, we dont care about tourneys, you smell like cheese.
   Uh, PBH has been around for 3 and one half years. This order was started to have a GOOD time, not to win anything. Don't ask me or anyone else why we joined MWC, cause you wont get an answer. Your good at miff, good for you, I bet the ladies love that. "Honey look, I just killed this guy with 80% left...hahaha RAPE!" You think you're better then me? WELL I AM l337!!!!!!
 Now a brief description of our team members:
 Deathfang (AKA DF): Hes canadian 'nuff said
 Ramble on (aka Ramz, Rambz): Likes to chate, not play, name fits him well. Hates h00r orders who give ppl 2% on unranked games of dead of winter then there are 4 ppl on the team ::looks at MoR and syn::
 Aries (aka Arez: ohio, hahaha....oh, uh he like porn and is good with webdesign, but like most of us, sucks ass ;)
 Oogabooga (aka F47, oogz, godzilla): he likes making hax0red plugins, usually with skreal models and TFL alrics and balor. He also enjoys charging into forces 5x his size. If you play ww2, he hates u ;0
 M-rat (aka rat): he likes leeching porn off PBH hotline server, hes has a 28k and plays ww2 ;)
 Colud (aka kl0d, cl0d, kl0wdy, TPP): He worships the plaid moose and plays everquest. He is know as TPP cause he is/has a tiny perpel penis.
 Maverick (aka Mav): He likes drawing naughty things on overhead map, and also charging much larger forces then his own. He does have 768k SDSL though ;) Mav is yet another PBHer that likes having a good time over playing.
Windmaster (aka Wind): Wind is the love slave of another PBH member. He s00kz like the rest of us ;)

 Well, thats it guys, we are l337!!!!
Threat Assessment:
PBH is probably the most amusing team in this tournament, and unfortunately one of the lesser talented.

Expect an early exit and plenty of foul-ups.

Update QR3: Well, it looks like we were dead-on with both our predictions: PBH is indeed one of the most amusing teams to grace the tourney, and they've also had plenty of foul-ups :) All-around fun guys, but they're definitely not playing at the same level as most of the other teams here. Downgraded to 1 trow.
Update DE3: poOp had a good last weekend by defeating qp and Lg.  poOp now will face a tougher more prepared Cirque squad.  Expect poOp to put up a fight, but dont expect them to advance much further.
This team has received 37 top ten "votes".Threat Rating:Trow
Team Roster
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DeathFang -=PBH=- (DeathFang)Ramble on -=PBH=- (Vegie)-Arez-=PBH=- (Aries98)oogaBooga -=PBH=- (oogaBooga)M-Rat 37 (evergreen)Cloud -=PBH=- (Cloudy)maverick -=PBH=- (mavericks)WindMaster -=PBH=-  (WindMaster)DarkLord-=PBH=- (Darklord)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:58
QR Pool:Morningwood
QR Exit Seed:61
QR Diff Avg:-34.00
Points Scored:96
Points Allowed:389
Avg Point Diff:-41.86
Team Kills:459
Damage Done:4112
Damage Taken:6662
Frequent Captains
Ramble on -=PBH=- (Vegie)W/T/L: 1/0/7Captained: 8-Arez-=PBH=- (Aries98)W/T/L: 1/0/4Captained: 5Cloud -=PBH=- (Cloudy)W/T/L: 0/0/2Captained: 2
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