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"It is said that as a boy, Oderic once entered into a Harvest Eve's crossbow competition, weilding naught but his string bow and a quiver of flint-tipped arrows... though he was turned aside, he engaged in competition with the crossbowmen later for sport, and is said to have taken home enough money from those contests to buy his family two stallions."
Men of Rohann/a33-1656-1559-1247-1258-1237.20
Real Men15-5630-34n/a56-1732-3553-136.20
From MaRRs12-4734-4335-3224-40n/a0-62-23.80
Ferocious Newbies12-5839-3913-5317-6114-0n/a-23.20
Match TimeMoRArmMaRRscfn
Sat, June 9, 5 pm centralfncMaRRsrmAMoR
Fri, June 15, 7 pm centralcMaRRsfnAMoRrm
Sat, June 16, 5 pm centralMaRRsrmAMoRfnc
Fri, June 22, 7 pm centralrmfnMoRcMaRRsA
Sat, June 23, 5 pm centralAMoRcfnrmMaRRs
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