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"No one was witness to Damas' horrible ritual of self-mutiliation, and noone of sane mind dares to speculate as to what sort of ritual it was... when first came to battle as Soulblighter, with his face in ribbons and his lifeless heart strung from his belt, the ranks of the Light froze in their tracks in horror, and they were set upon by the Dark almost instantly..."
The Syndicaten/a29-3746-1557-1262-1528.75
Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight37-29n/a32-2945-3262-1517.75
Old School GWAR12-5732-4521-56n/a40-41-23.50
Muirthemne Militia15-6215-6212-5441-40n/a-33.75
Match TimesyncghwBFMMGWARBYE
Sat, June 9, 5 pm centralBYEGWARMMBFcghwsyn
Fri, June 15, 7 pm centralGWARMMBYEcghwsynBF
Sat, June 16, 5 pm centralMMBFcghwsynBYEGWAR
Fri, June 22, 7 pm centralBFBYEsynGWARMMcghw
Sat, June 23, 5 pm centralcghwsynGWARBYEBFMM
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