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Tamaerlin (Light) Captures 12 min
Acts of Cruelty Flag Rally 12 min
Creep on the Borderlands Territories 14 min
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Np defeats 12inch  
12inch defeats mi 100 - 33
mi defeats CiRQUE 45 - 28
CiRQUE defeats gtm 43 - 28
mi defeats CI 43 - 28
Np defeats 12inch 70 - 51
CiRQUE defeats MoR 39 - 31
mi defeats Cacra 43 - 27
MoR defeats GG 43 - 24
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6W00CiRQUE vs miCruiserSkullSkullSkull
5W00MoR vs CiRQUEHitlowSkullSkullSkullSkull
5E02LoA vs CacraMyrkridonSkullSkull
Q101df vs MSHDucky TankSkullSkull
Q092CI vs PBHDucky TankSkull
Q091syn vs GWARDucky TankSkull
Q081TO vs MSHDucky TankSkullSkull
Q067Np vs KoCDucky TankSkullSkullSkull
Ahh!! Poltergeist!!! - Sam Stone Mon, Aug 6, 2001
As most of you have noticed, the results and brackets pages are all f'd to h. The DE results database was overwritten again, and WS will restore it, along with reviews et al, some time later tonight. Matches that were claimed but not submitted will once again be up for grabs. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update (8/8/01): Almost everything is fixed now, but there are 7 outstanding reviews who I've lost authorship information for. Check this link for any reviews that might belong to you. There are also a couple reviews that don't have the proper description. Please check the reviews you've written for correct description info.
DE7 Amendments - Sam Stone Sat, Aug 4, 2001
Just a quick note that DE7 - the final match in the bottom bracket - will be a 5-game series, not a 3-game series, despite the fact that it's a bottom bracket match. Since it will decide which bottom team will be in the finals, it seems appropriate that it not be an abbreviated set like the others.

Update - In DE7, Body Count on If I Had a Trow has been changed to Flag Rally on Clash in the Cloudspine. Please refer to the maps page for game time and scoring.

Update Too!! - There's only one match in the bottom bracket for Round 7, so the fallback is the better time, Saturday at 5pm cst.
Who chose these crappy times? - Wight Slayer Wed, Aug 1, 2001
These game times don't even look familiar.. I think Sam has been up to no good!! Or something.

Anyway.. Caer time upped to 12 min, Barb Valley time upped to 14. Next week Creep upped to 14. Sorry for confusion, etc, etc. :P

Mini-Update: Unfinished reviews from rounds one and two have been cleared and are available to be claimed by someone else.
Match times and Trow - Wight Slayer Mon, July 16, 2001
This next week will be the first week that the bottom bracket must play two matches. This means that the first match must be played before the second fallback time, Saturday at 5 central. Elimination matches may be scheduled as early as desired, while winnowing matches may be played as late as Tuesday. Be aware that if you win your first match, you will have to show up for another match this weekend. If desired, you may email the teams you could potentially be playing and set up a tentative playing time.

Also, the time on trow has been raised to 12 minutes, use the extra two minutes wisely. :)
Bug on The Barrens - Wight Slayer Fri, July 13, 2001
It appears that there is a minor problem with The Barrens. Rather than have you all download a new version, I've decided to simply tell you what it does so that no one is able to gain an unfair advantage.

Apparently, the brighter colored yellow trees are not invincible objects, which means that as soon as they've taken enough damage, projectiles can pass right through them. They are still visible and look normal, but fireballs, mortars, and arrows will all behave as if they did not exist. As long as you don't rely on any yellow trees for cover, this bug should not affect you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but feel it would be much more painful at this point to publish a new version and make everyone download it again.
Fallback Times - Wight Slayer Wed, July 11, 2001
The rules have been updated (and minorly corrected) with information on fallback times. You can read all about it on the Scheduling Page.

The fallback time for all matches this week is Saturday, July 14, at 5pm central. There is only one set of matches this week in the bottom bracket, "2W", but next week there will be two, "3E" and "3W".

Also, in case you're confused, all bottom bracket matches play three games, one of each listed. All top bracket matches play the first two games twice, for a total of 5 games.

 Ties in the DE + Map Downloads - Wight Slayer Sun, July 8, 2001 

The rules have been updated with information on how ties are to be settled during Double Elimination. You can read all about it under Issues/Problems.

Also, since the mill is down I've posted the 3 third party maps for this week on the site. You can access them from the Maps Page.

Update: If you wish to download the maps from an alternate source, Rolling Rock has uploaded all of the DE2 and DE3 maps on by DE3, the MIll will be funcitonal once again.

 Multiple scoring errors - Wight Slayer Sat, July 7, 2001 

We've had some confusion over the Winter Captures scoring, the scoring listed on the maps page and quick reference didn't agree with the main scoring page. Relevant rules pages have been fixed, and some match scores will be corrected later.

 Double Elimination begins - Wight Slayer Sun, July 1, 2001 

Several things to report..

First, Double Elim round one brackets are posted, so find out who you're playing and get in touch with them. Fallback for this round is Saturday the 7th at 5pm central time.

Remember that if you lose this week you're still in for at least another match. This is a double elimination tournament, which means that as soon as you lose a match in the top bracket, you are relegated to the bottom bracket, where you will be required to play two matches of three games each per week in order to keep your head above water. Only after you've lost a bottom bracket match are you eliminated entirely.

Also, as I was tying up all the loose ends I realized that the way I wrote up the rules on forfeiting was slightly wrong. Under the system I ended up using, anyone who received a forfeit from a team who had played matches got a score equal to the average of the matches the forfeiting team played. I can't foresee everything, and I didn't write a perfect set of rules. I apologize for any confusion but I will always do what is most fair rather than implementing rules that were written in error.

Finally, as far as I know I've been through all my email and solved every issue except the recent results/reviews, which I am currently working on. If there are outstanding problems with the site, please email me and let me know.

Good luck in your matches!

 Wighty Returns - Sam Stone Tue, June 26, 2001 

Wighty is back from his sabbatical, and scoring anomolies, forfeits, and the like are all being taken care of. Also of note is that the betting pool will be closing some time late tomorrow night, so put in your bets now! All bets will be frozen tomorrow and you will not be able to change your picks for the remainder of the tournament.

Also, a reminder that if you notice any errors on the page, please email them to us if you haven't already. Everything will be tackled by the week's end, so don't be too worried if there are still errors on your page(s).

 My True Uselessness Revealed! - Sam Stone Fri, June 22, 2001 

We will be taking a tourney break this week (June 24th - 30th) off. Script problems and scoring issues will likely remain on hold for a few days, until Wighty is back from vacation to fix them. If something is wrong, please don't panic! Email any typos/scoring errors/people still on two rosters/etc to We'll be using this week to seed the DE brackets and busta capslock on all scoring anomalies, so any errors you email to us will be fixed before the start of the DE.

Have fun, get in some good practice, and thanks for your patience!

 Quick Update - Sam Stone Sat, June 16, 2001 

First, about roster additions. Additions to your rosters must be made at least twenty-four hours before the match the player you're adding intends to play in. So those of you who have been/have been thinking about adding players five minutes before a match... sorry, that doesn't work :)

Also, the deadline for roster additions is Friday, June 22nd, at 5PM CDT. After that, the "add a player" feature will be removed from your team's editing menu.
 Results Back Online - Sam Stone Sat, June 16, 2001 

Mighty Wighty (he's gonna love me for that one ;) has the results page and brackets scores back online, sooner than we expected we'd have them. Whew. The film upload script will be back online shortly - probably by the time you read this.

Please note that the results page is currently devoid of match review authors and summaries. Please do not panic! All of your reviews are intact, and we'll have the reviews summaries, authors, and ratings re-listed as quickly as possible. None of your hard work was lost.

Thanks again for your patience with the disappearance of the results, and apologies to any players or teams that this inconvenienced.

 Slight Problem - Wight SlayerSat, June 16, 2001 

Well, we've got a little bit of a problem with the site, somehow one of the central database files was totally overwritten. I can recover the information from peripheral sources, but I have to take the film uploader offline - it might be Sunday before you are able to upload your films. Until further notice, please email your films. I will post news again when things are back to normal.

 Important Film Uploading Info - Wight SlayerMon, June 11, 2001 

When uploading your match results, there's a couple things you guys can do to make our job much easier. First, if you use a Mac, make sure you use MacZip and not Aladdin DropZip. If you use DropZip, many PC users will be unable to view your films.

Second, make sure you name your films with MWC in the title, so that our reporters and reviewers can easily identify and delete them when they've finished with them.

 Upload your results - Wight SlayerSun, June 3, 2001 

Play is set to start next Saturday, so good luck to all. When you've finished your matches, the winners are responsible to upload films here. If there is some kind of problem with the web-based interface, you may submit them with an email to the staff.

 Registration Closed - Wight Slayer Sat, May 26, 2001 

Registration is now closed, we'll no longer take any further entries. All teams that had fewer than 4 players have been deleted, we'll be going with the 72 team structure, 12 pools of 6, 5/6 advance plus four wild card teams advance. QR is therefore mostly for seeding purposes, but not entirely. Trow ratings and brackets will go up this week, play will start 2 weeks from today, Saturday the 9th of June.

Important: If you have a team of more than 4 players and are interested in joining, email me and let me know, we'll probably need one or two substitute teams for those who don't show up for their first match.

 Changing of the Guard - Sam Stone Wed, May 23, 2001 

In an effort to make everything more compact and easy to remember for you guys, we've changed our contact email from to is no longer effective, so if you have any questions or issues, send them to the address. I'll be scouring the pages to change all the contact links accordingly, but I'm liable to miss a few. If you spot a contact link that still links to, drop me a line in the Questions forum so I can fix it. Thanks!

 Registration and Team Pages - Wight SlayerWed, May 23, 2001 

Registration is still open until this weekend, use this script to join up.

In other news, there was until recently a pretty vicious bug in the "add a player" function, which has left many player pages looking bare. Please check your player pages for this and fix them up with the "edit a player" feature of the script found by clicking "edit your information" on your team page. We will soon be making the final cuts for the tournament, and the teams that have taken the time to make their pages look nice will be considered much less likely to forfeit.

 Rules Updated - Wight SlayerSun, May 20, 2001 

Ok, a bunch of minor rules updates. The rules on uncontestable balls have been changed, dealing with ties on territories/captures is now by perm, the way we deal with forfeits has been clarified, the fallback times have been tweaked, the maps page has been updated to limit camping games ending a match, and the finals maps have been changed around.

I'm now back in my dorm, so some of the non-working pieces of the site will be going up in the next few days. Stay tuned for a starting date, hopefully will go up on Monday or Tuesday and shed some light on the best course of action.

 Milestone - Wight SlayerWed, May 16, 2001 

Well, we've hit 64 teams, but registration is still open for at least another week. If we can get up to 72, 80, or 96 we have structures all planned out.

In addition, a lot of the 2 and 3 man teams will have to be removed, which will open spots for larger teams. The script allowed you to sign up with only two because a lot of teams needed to get organized, but come game time, if they've got fewer than four players on the roster, they'll lose their spot.

Also of note, a Contact link has been added to the text navigation at the bottom of every page to make it easier to get in touch with us.

 Registration Open - Wight SlayerFri, May 11, 2001 

Ok folks, we're ready to start taking entries! Head on over to my join script and get signed up!

 Ready to Rock - Wight SlayerThu, May 10, 2001 

Well folks, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived. The site is open to the public and ready to go.

Some things still need to go up, and will in the coming weeks, but the join script is fully functional and we'll begin taking submissions tomorrow, the 11th, at noon EST.

Start getting your teams together, your images ready (300x200 team images, 180x20 player images), and prepare for a wild ride!

Many thanks to for providing us with some much needed space and bandwidth.