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3E08cghw vs HD-This has got to be the most exciting match out there...Ducky Tank RatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Q121MoL vs bM58-13The MoL Gobblin' Ghols Grab this Game's MVPsDucky Tank.zipRating
Q107s8 vs MMC60-18This match wasn't too poetic.Ducky Tank.zipRating
Q101df vs MSH52-18.force struts their stuffDucky Tank.zipRatingRating
Q092CI vs PBH59-12Kids, PMS kills =(Ducky Tank.zipRating
Q091syn vs GWAR57-12Both teams bring out the worst in each other =(Ducky Tank.zipRating
Q081TO vs MSH48-26Chat Rescues Slaughter, but not all is for NaughtDucky Tank.zipRatingRating
Q074J.B. vs Idiot46-31Japan vs. America vs. LAGDucky Tank.zipRating
Q067Np vs KoC56-31 A Finnish team plays a Brazilian team. Both have a Blast :)Ducky Tank.zipRatingRatingRating
Q050IC vs Ancrik44-16The best films I have seen in my entire Myth careerDucky Tank.zipRatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Q048MoR vs c59-12Cheesy Sylvester Stallone ripoffs make this match a keeper!Ducky Tank.zipRatingRatingRating
Q045Np vs twd58-15Northern Paladins and the Quest for the Holy Grail...Ducky Tank.zipRatingRating
Q04358TH vs MoL56-169Boo's ego and the universe: the expansion race continues...Ducky Tank.zipRating
Q029gtm vs gru62-12Gru bodly goes where no Gtm has gone before...Ducky Tank.zipRating
Q020evilinc vs Bastard62-12Evilinc soundly trounces an undermanned BastardDucky Tank.zipRating
Q019BoB vs DoH56-21Kids, Alcohol kills =(Ducky Tank.zipRating
Q018LoA vs HD51-12This is why I love Myth.Ducky Tank.zipRatingRating
Q012Lg vs kuk39-32Three close, amusing matches.Ducky Tank.zipRatingRatingRating
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