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Match 5W00 - Winnowing Round
Cirque du Soulblighter defeats Men of Rohan 39-31
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Game 1: Territores on Caer Cadarn (Trow)  18-0
Cirque du Soulblighter Men of Rohan 
Mr. Top Hat (balefire)4:2TuKo (ryote)15:22
3 balls the clown (genericmp)25:18Super Man (ambjeb)12:24
Chuckles (Kaltorak)22:17Rohan (rohan)9:14
Ho Jangles (stinger)10:0ViperX (viperx)4:1
Jumbo (LordBerk)6:6H. D'Averc (bintz)3:6
Bozo the Clown4:6Monte VI (montevi)2:7
Blinky (benwillies)1:8  
Game 2: Captures on Barbarian Valley (Light)  15-0
Men of Rohan Cirque du Soulblighter 
TuKo (ryote)13:8Ho Jangles (stinger)4:13
ViperX (viperx)12:13 balls the clown (genericmp)11:10
Skeletor (skeletor66)7:10Mr. Top Hat (balefire)5:13
Rohan (rohan)7:1Bozo the Clown5:10
Bishop (bishop71)7:6Monsieur Loyal (peacefull)2:2
Monte VI (montevi)4:6Blinky (benwillies)1:3
H. D'Averc (bintz)4:9Chuckles (Kaltorak)1:9
Game 3: Flag Rally on The Untamed Lands (2x2 ally)  21-16
Cirque du Soulblighter Men of Rohan 
3 balls the clown (genericmp)9:14ViperX (viperx)4:8
Blinky (benwillies)16:9Skeletor (skeletor66)33:10
Jumbo (LordBerk)11:0TuKo (ryote)10:9
Bozo the Clown5:8Super Man (ambjeb)3:5
Chuckles (Kaltorak)5:16H. D'Averc (bintz)2:11
Ho Jangles (stinger)2:12Bishop (bishop71)1:11
Mr. Top Hat (balefire)1:1Rohan (rohan)0:8
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