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Match 5E00 - Elimination Round
Men of Rohan defeats Greek Gods 43-24
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Game 1: Territores on Caer Cadarn (Trow)  12-6
Greek Gods Men of Rohan 
Zeus (yodacat)21:3TuKo (ryote)7:15
Aphrodite (Jersy)16:12Rohan (rohan)7:7
Artemis (xarraw)11:1Super Man (ambjeb)5:10
Hades (tuache)1:8H. D'Averc (bintz)5:1
Hermes (mayas1)0:6Monte VI (montevi)4:4
  Skeletor (skeletor66)2:2
  ViperX (viperx)0:15
Game 2: Captures on Barbarian Valley (Light)  14-1
Men of Rohan Greek Gods 
Rohan (rohan)3:10Aphrodite (Jersy)6:14
Skeletor (skeletor66)19:7Dionysos (fanatic)10:10
Monte VI (montevi)11:3Zeus (yodacat)5:8
TuKo (ryote)10:6Hades (tuache)5:10
Super Man (ambjeb)4:8Artemis (xarraw)5:12
H. D'Averc (bintz)4:4  
Game 3: Flag Rally on The Untamed Lands (2x2 ally)  23-11
Men of Rohan Greek Gods 
Rohan (rohan)5:4Zeus (yodacat)14:40
Bishop (bishop71)21:4Aphrodite (Jersy)14:34
Skeletor (skeletor66)17:14Artemis (xarraw)2:3
Super Man (ambjeb)16:2Hades (tuache)1:4
TuKo (ryote)7:4  
H. D'Averc (bintz)3:2  
Monte VI (montevi)2:12  
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