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5E02Cacra vs LoA38-26My eyes are bleedingMyrkridon.zipRatingRating
4W03mi vs Aesir53-17Kilgrath MournsMyrkridon.zipRating
4E07mi vs kuk38-33Blunder of the CenturyMyrkridon.zipRating
4E06Aesir vs BoB41-362 medium-level teams clash, Aesir scrapes by thanks to a few BoB mistakesMyrkridon.zipRatingRating
Q105BF vs GWAR56-21Only watch these films if you're really, really bored.Myrkridon.zipRatingRating
Q096s8 vs TCO53-32Not worth watching at all except for the last gameMyrkridon.zipRatingRating
Q069cghw vs MM62-15Move along, nothing to see here.Myrkridon.zipRating
Q064LoA vs tfb40-34One of the closest matches yetMyrkridon.zipRatingRatingRatingRating
Q016GG vs PBH56-18another typical blowout QR matchMyrkridon.zipRating
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