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Match 5E02 - Elimination Round
Cacrajou Circle defeats Legion of the Avatara 38-26
Review by Myrkridon
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LoA manages to hang in the first game (the first game is the only one worth watching in this whole match), but get completely demolished on the light maps. Having a 3 player deficit didn't help them

Game One - terries on some shitty "rush the middle or lose" map

Both teams get "the usual trade". During planning time, Acheron makes himself look foolish.
Acheron: one guy has 35% already
Acheron: see that
Acheron: he got all trows and a bunch of trows probably

Dwarf captains for Loa's team of 4, and Okko captains for Cacra's team of 7. The difference in their capping styles shows itself as Okko does the stupid "keep no units at all to leave your team shorthanded" style of capping, while Dwarf does the stupid "keep 37% so you can try to concentrate on doing the most important job and captain your team at the same time" style of capping. Why does Jesus hate me, daddy? :(

The middle island quickly gets filled up with the Trow, berserk, soulless, and fetch army that Cacra sends there. LoA reacts to the mid threat by backing off with their smaller army. LoA's flanks are a lail stronger than Cacra's of course, but they elect not to push anywhere, and play defensive instead. LoA gets pushed back almost to their original start location, and Cacra builds up a small lead. They turn it into something like a 15% gain after they kill one of LoA's trow, and it looks like LoA is finished after they lose their last fetch, leaving them with only a dwarf and a bunch of outnumbered soulless as their only artillery. But that dwarf ends up saving LoA, when Kugar of Cacra rushes his big pack of zerks right into it in a nice, tightly packed clump. Little Andvari gets off a couple of "whoa shit! nice, dude!" type of hits on the zerks and then all LoA has to do is rush Cacra with their greater melee numbers. After a lot of spreading out, contesting, and wearing Cacra down, LoA eliminates Cacra for a max-point victory.
Why did LoA win? Mad Dead Man's Float dorf hero skills

Game Two - the worse gametype ever besides Scavenger Hunt on the stupidest map ever made

This game is over almost as soon as it begins. Both teams do a standard 3-prong with a big mid, with lots of archers, warriors, and pus with a few dwarves thrown in. Cacra's middle force pushes immediately, and after the usual pus war ends, they're up by something like 20% with lots and lots of time left. Cacra tags all the balls and it's game over

Game Three - flag rally on that shitty map where if you play lmoth on it, it gives you slugfest units

Again, the game ends almost as soon as it begins. LoA's southwest squad starts getting killed immediately by the southeast Cacra group, as a bunch of their warriors attack Cacra's northeast force and lose. Pretty much just cleanup time for Cacra, once again.
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