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5W00CiRQUE vs MoR39-31Satan summons us.Hitlow.zipRatingRatingRatingRating
4E00s8 vs 58TH44-24This is a fun match to watch if you really hate the teams?Hitlow.zipRatingRating
2T10Np vs tfb69-24A description (for the results page)Hitlow.zipRatingRating
2T01mi vs tc53-39oh please, just watch game 4 alreadyHitlow.zipRatingRatingRating
Q068cghw vs BF32-29Close must mean good!    There is no God. Hitlow.zipRating
Q066Cacra vs Ancrik56-15Just look at the scoreHitlow.zipRating
Q055TN vs TCL52-12TN team plays a tfl team on m2. Guess.Hitlow.zipRating
Q044IC vs mi44-29Possibly one of the top QR matchesHitlow.zipRatingRatingRatingRating
Q017Ancrik vs Mt.59-18Typical high seed vs low seed matchHitlow.zipRating
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