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Scheduling Each week, teams will be required to play their matches by a specific "fallback" time, Saturday at 5 pm central time for the Top Bracket, and Bottom Bracket Winnowing matches, or Friday at 7 pm central for Bottom Bracket Elimination rounds.

Basically, in the bottom bracket there are two segments to each round, first the Elimination, denoted by match codes beginning "3E" or "4E", where the first number is the current round, and E means "Elimination". The first segment of the round is to take place on Friday, while the second is to take place on Saturday or Sunday if necessary. It is very important to get your elimination matches played before the saturday fallback.

One of the disadvantages of being in the bottom bracket is that it's tough to schedule matches. We suggest that you clear your plans and play within a few hours of the fallback times.

In the Qualifying Round, fallback times for each match will be listed on the individual pool pages.

However, teams' primary contacts may also contact one another and try to schedule their matches for a time that is better for both of their teams. Teams are strongly encouraged to do so, and should only play at fallback if they cannot agree to a better time.

All correspondence regarding rescheduling should be cc'd to the staff. This is for your own safety, so that the team you're scheduling with cannot play dumb later and try to trick you into forfeiting or playing with an incomplete team.

Also, if you schedule your match after the fallback, you must email us directly and let us know.

After a match ends, the winning team will be responsible for uploading ALL the films to our website, not just the games they won. Winning teams who do not upload their films within 24 hours after their match will be penalized heavily.