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Match 6E01 - Elimination Round
Monkey Island defeats The Cagey Inquisition 43-28
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Game 1: Captures on Tamaerlin (Light)  18-0
Monkey Island The Cagey Inquisition 
Drunk Ghost (Wasingham)2:10Hitlow (brother)4:2
Rum Rodgers (monkeyspank)10:1M. Bison (cherub)6:4
Slappy Cromwell (kofmalkier)5:1Serval (serval)2:4
Mad Marty (monkeybrain)5:2Sam Stone (tapeworm)2:10
Guybrush (bonjornste)3:2Kighter (kighter)1:2
FlyingWelshman (MadChicken)2:0Myk the Lame (mancini)0:6
Palido Domingo (stampy)2:5Aginor (tramolgun2)0:8
Game 2: Flag Rally on Acts of Cruelty  24-12
The Cagey Inquisition Monkey Island 
M. Bison (cherub)7:11Drunk Ghost (Wasingham)0:29
Sam Stone (tapeworm)22:1Rum Rodgers (monkeyspank)7:1
Serval (serval)12:6Slappy Cromwell (kofmalkier)7:0
Myk the Lame (mancini)7:0Guybrush (bonjornste)5:7
Grumjug (grumjug)6:6Lechuck (ojmt)2:6
Hitlow (brother)0:0Mad Marty (monkeybrain)2:13
Kighter (kighter)0:1FlyingWelshman (MadChicken)0:0
Game 3: Territories on Creep on the Borderlands  13-4
Monkey Island The Cagey Inquisition 
FlyingWelshman (MadChicken)3:8M. Bison (cherub)8:11
Palido Domingo (stampy)12:5Myk the Lame (mancini)19:16
Captain Dread (l0st)8:19Serval (serval)11:6
Slappy Cromwell (kofmalkier)7:4Sam Stone (tapeworm)6:8
Rum Rodgers (monkeyspank)5:9Hitlow (brother)5:12
Guybrush (bonjornste)4:4  
Lechuck (ojmt)3:5  
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