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Match 6W00 - Winnowing Round
Monkey Island defeats Cirque du Soulblighter 45-28
Review by Cruiser
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Although these games are well-played, they weren't too exciting from a film viewer's standpoint. If you're just going to watch one game, check out the second one. It was a close match. I'm no good at summaries. On to the games..

Game One - Captures on Dwarves vs. Ghols

I liked mi's color this game so I was hoping they would win. 3-balls wonders where Stinger is. However, Baloney says that he flows. But how well, I wonder. He's probably as white as the next cracker, but who knows? They make very, very funny puns about Star Wars for the rest of planning time. I skipped through the rest of the pt chat. Cirque gets lots of archers and ghols, and mi gets more melee and no arcs, along with mucho pus. Mucho is a funny word :)

Mi splits up into two large and one small force. Cirque has a few units doing nothing in particular and one large force camping on the northwest hill. Cirque immediately does a satchel pus, which severely wounds a poor stygian knight. At this point, mi is up 4-3. Cirque camps their hill, despite being down in balls. Then, at about five minutes, mi attacks Cirque from the south. Despite having more pus than the average bear, they make terrible use of it, stunning two dorfs but unable to finish them off. However, this was partially due to Cirque doing a very nice job of protection. All mi back off, with their strongest force going mid. At this point, Binky of Cirque says "middle ball is weak!" Ironic :|

Cirque finally pushes to mi's home, where their huge archer pack is decimated. Mi holds their balls but can't grab any more.

mi 4-

Game Two - Flag Rally on the map with thrall ninjas

Drunk Ghost spends planning time rapidly giving out instructions to his team. I think Cirque knows more about what they're supposed to do, however, as 3-balls states "just don't die plz :(" Mi gets lots of morfs and thrall. Cirque gets "more of a mix!!!"

At the start of the game, mi tags flags, as does Cirque. Mad Marty promptly suicides a berserk for the first bloodshed of the game. Mi decides to defend since they're leading. However, this isn't always the best tactic...

Both teams trade off artillery for a while, but no more flags are tagged until all of the forest giants converge northwest, where 3-balls swats a few zerks to grab that one. He then goes on to kill a bunch of thrall at the middle north flag.

Meanwhile, mi's giants move south, and nice pus work nails that flag. They then tear through a reincforcement berserk pack. Guybrush has been holding mi's south front for quite quite some time while all this has been going on.

Cirque ends up with the lead in flags, but mi is leading in percentage 60-30. Then, with about 30 seconds left, Guybrush melee rushes, contesting just long enough for Flying Welshman's zerks and morf to arrive. But then Welshman moves off the flag and they lose

Game Three - Terries on Creep

Both teams get units and three-prong. As the teams are setting up, Cirque loses their captain Ho Jangles. That's not good. North for Cirque is way outnumbered, but they get reinforcements from the middle before it gets too ugly. However, they don't rush although they probably could. Instead, they allow their now weak middle to get hammered by mi forces.

South Cirque pushes and wins, and then they attack the force coming at them from behind. However, it's a Cirque dwarf and a bunch of thrall versus a mixed mi force. I guess you can figure out what happens there. Cirque's remaining force is gradually whittled into nothing.

mi 6-0
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