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Tamaerlin (Light) Captures 12 min
Acts of Cruelty Flag Rally 12 min
Creep on the Borderlands Territories 14 min
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Np defeats 12inch  
12inch defeats mi 100 - 33
mi defeats CiRQUE 45 - 28
CiRQUE defeats gtm 43 - 28
mi defeats CI 43 - 28
Np defeats 12inch 70 - 51
CiRQUE defeats MoR 39 - 31
mi defeats Cacra 43 - 27
MoR defeats GG 43 - 24
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5E02LoA vs CacraMyrkridonSkullSkull
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Q092CI vs PBHDucky TankSkull
Q091syn vs GWARDucky TankSkull
Q081TO vs MSHDucky TankSkullSkull
Q067Np vs KoCDucky TankSkullSkullSkull
Post-Tournament Note - Wight Slayer Wed, Oct 31, 2001
I've fixed a number of long standing oddities with the scripts for posterity's sake. For instance, the QR pool pages used to display total tournament average instead of qr average, and that has now been fixed. If anyone is interested in the source code for any of my scripts you can contact me, but I must warn you that most of it was written hastily and for personal use, so it's a bit messy.
Northern Paladins Take Cup - Sam Stone Fri, Aug 31, 2001
Well, it's all over, and after an intense 9-game series, the Northern Paladins have emerged as this year's champs! Team Angry Face takes home second place, and Monkey Island will take third. Congratulations to these three great teams, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who played this year. The finals films, statistics, and game reviews will all be up on the site soon. Also, once all of the final numbers are tallied, the winner of the betting pool is Koumei, with an average accuracy score of 2.5.

I hope all of you guys had as much fun this year as we did!
Much needed update - Wight Slayer Fri, Aug 17, 2001
A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, I'll try and sum up as quickly as possible.

The site moved from to because was discontinued. The site that used to be there is now at Instead of dealing with the strategyplanet servers, which weren't of a really high quality, and to prevent future site-moving surprises (I was given no warning whatsoever), I chose to purchase my own space here at pair networks.

In a related story, we suffered yet another setback on pair, in which all the dynamic content on the site was deleted in one fell swoop by another pair user. I've spent the past 3 days studying up on tighter security and have finally figured out how to prevent such occurences in the future. Many of the important parts of the site are back in working order, and the rest will follow shortly.

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