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Match Q081 - Qualifying Round
Team Orleans defeats Medieval Soccer Hooligans 48-26
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Game 1: Stampede on The Desert Between Your Ears  10-0
Team Orleans Medieval Soccer Hooligans 
OrangeKing (OrangeKing)3:0FrothyMoose (entrowpy)1:0
Anima (anima)13:0Macs Are Bitchin (MAB349)8:0
Wod (Killercarl)11:0Rev.Ned (revned)7:0
Procrastinator (batnahat)4:0disDain (lordluc)4:0
Sarnac (Sarnac)4:0Brimstone (88pony)1:0
Se7en (shaar)1:0Lord Eyeball (edgemasta)0:0
St. Joan (AntyMyth)1:0  
Game 2: Territories on If I Had a Trow...  17-0
Team Orleans Medieval Soccer Hooligans 
Wod (Killercarl)14:6disDain (lordluc)10:2
St. Joan (AntyMyth)7:4Macs Are Bitchin (MAB349)10:1
Se7en (shaar)3:8Brimstone (88pony)2:21
Hannibal (HannibalGT)1:8FrothyMoose (entrowpy)1:3
Grumpy (carcharoth)1:1Rev.Ned (revned)0:2
Sarnac (Sarnac)0:0Lord Eyeball (edgemasta)0:0
Blue (11KD)0:0  
Game 3: Flag Rally on Cracks in the Cloudspine  26-21
Medieval Soccer Hooligans Team Orleans 
disDain (lordluc)2:4St. Joan (AntyMyth)4:6
Rev.Ned (revned)9:8Anima (anima)16:0
FrothyMoose (entrowpy)8:9Hannibal (HannibalGT)8:8
Macs Are Bitchin (MAB349)6:3Silent Bob (roark)7:9
Lord Eyeball (edgemasta)4:16Grumpy (carcharoth)2:8
Brimstone (88pony)0:0Procrastinator (batnahat)1:0
  Wod (Killercarl)0:0
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