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Match Q096 - Qualifying Round
TenCrik defeats The Crazy Ones 53-32
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Game 1: Stampede on The Desert Between Your Ears  15-3
TenCrik The Crazy Ones 
Loki (Pudgepie)8:0DEath Star (showman69)2:0
Ronin (Ashpuff)12:0Krille (krille)15:0
Wark (ducknukem)11:0Slim Shady (slayermarc)9:0
Jiblet (jiblet)1:0  
Game 2: Territories on If I Had a Trow...  17-0
TenCrik The Crazy Ones 
Loki (Pudgepie)13:9DEath Star (showman69)2:21
Wark (ducknukem)11:0Slim Shady (slayermarc)4:11
Windorabug (Darksamoon)8:2Krille (krille)3:18
Ronin (Ashpuff)2:2  
Game 3: Flag Rally on Cracks in the Cloudspine  29-21
The Crazy Ones TenCrik 
DEath Star (showman69)36:20Loki (Pudgepie)8:10
Slim Shady (slayermarc)9:21Ronin (Ashpuff)13:19
Krille (krille)8:3Wark (ducknukem)11:9
  Windorabug (Darksamoon)11:8
  Jiblet (jiblet)1:12
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