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Match 5E02 - Elimination Round
Cacrajou Circle defeats Legion of the Avatara 38-26
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Game 1: Territores on Caer Cadarn (Trow)  18-0
Legion of the Avatara Cacrajou Circle 
d*WAR*f  (gamer666)34:14Okko (Trogin)2:1
ACHERON (Acheron1)28:19Bombtrack (bsontag)14:15
Sioflake (trapped)10:12Tormin (Tormin)12:21
Willis (Willis500)5:16Thorman (Thormn)11:10
  Kugar (Kugar)9:24
  Kazam (Bandio)7:9
  Cu'Roi (Paper)0:0
Game 2: Captures on Barbarian Valley (Light)  15-0
Cacrajou Circle Legion of the Avatara 
Okko (Trogin)0:4d*WAR*f  (gamer666)4:19
Kazam (Bandio)14:5Willis (Willis500)8:11
Tormin (Tormin)13:6ACHERON (Acheron1)4:16
Bombtrack (bsontag)12:1Sioflake (trapped)1:9
Kugar (Kugar)7:2  
Cu'Roi (Paper)4:5  
bob (bob16)1:0  
Game 3: Flag Rally on The Untamed Lands (2x2 ally)  23-8
Cacrajou Circle Legion of the Avatara 
Kazam (Bandio)2:1ACHERON (Acheron1)4:9
Bombtrack (bsontag)10:0d*WAR*f  (gamer666)9:15
Kugar (Kugar)10:2Willis (Willis500)1:3
Cu'Roi (Paper)7:2Sioflake (trapped)0:16
bob (bob16)4:4  
Tormin (Tormin)3:7  
Okko (Trogin)0:4  
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