Gentlemen's Club
Contact: Wight Slayer

Next Match: Next match time not yet available.
We are just a bunch of old people who've been friends for 6+ years.  Lina is pretty good at myth 2 soulblighter, though.
Threat Assessment
This team seems to be as ol'skool as teams can go. The old Ancrick players along side with Wight slayer should create some nice play from time to time. They have been very inactive however, with the exception of maybe Asmodian. They seemed to have picked up myth again though, since I've seen them lurking around the ranked halls of That is definately a good sign. If players like Naelot will show up for matches, they definately have a shot. A top 10 finishing wouldn't really be a surprise, assuming that the evil rust troll doesn't pull them into to his cave.

Post QR update: Their roster changed abit after I wrote the original assessment. They lost and gained players. This is a solid roster that should take down most of the teams in the tournament, but is it strong enough for this team to make it into top ten? Only time will tell I suppose, but I'm pretty sure it is solid enough.

Update DE2: They lost quite badly to Lrcg and are now in the bottom bracket. I would assume that that they can make some noise in the b-bracket, but it's going to be a tough road up ahead for these chumps. Top ten run is really going to be a challenge now.

Update DE3: They sent BMW to summer vacation and advanced to DE4. Their next opponent will be team THOR and that match should be quite close. This is the first time when I don't a clear opinion on who is going to win a match. Will  Asmodian's annoyance factor match Evil Jake's and Rawr's nuisance factor? We will see next week!

Summary: Gc managed to nudge themselves in to the top10 after all. Unfortunately team THOR was too tough for them to beat. Gc managed to beat all the weaker teams quite easily, but they lost all their matches versus other "good" teams, like Lrcg and Tcox. Losing Myk to the dark side probably hurt them abit. However, their showing was not bad and the top 10 finish was probably well deserved. Maybe Lrcg should have placed higher than them, but things didn't turn out that way, so Gc earned their spot.This team has received 42 betting pool "votes".
Team Roster
Asmodian (mattdaman)Pe|e            *Ancrik* (Wankah)Infector          Ancrik (180sx)Loco (locoancrik)Kime (elfinstone)Leif (leif)Wight Slayer (muaddib)Ford Prefect (fordprefect)Wighty Jr            .gc (kenran)Secret Agent Man! (tensack)Croaker (Croakertbc)Magellan (magellan)Jedi Val (Lunaticjedi)Lina Inverse (sunstyle)knight hawk (knighthawk)t o x y n (toxyn)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:10
QR Pool:Rurik
QR Exit Seed:10
QR Diff Avg:12.67
Points Scored:200
Points Allowed:139
Avg Point Diff:7.62
Team Kills:1373
Damage Done:11952
Damage Taken:10787
Frequent Captains
Lina Inverse (sunstyle)W/T/L: 13/0/10Captained: 23Myk the Lame (myk)W/T/L: 3/0/0Captained: 3Pe|e            *Ancrik* (Wankah)W/T/L: 2/0/1Captained: 3
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