Player Statistics
Games Attended:29
Record (W/T/L):18/0/11
Games Captained:2
Record (W/T/L):1/0/1
Kills - Losses:262-227
Best Game:26-9
Damage / Game:84
Best Game:241
Bet Pool Accur:2.0
Bet Pool Total:44
Bet Pool Rank:27th
Wight Slayer
Hard work pays off in the future.  Playing myth pays off now.Login: muaddib
Team: Gentlemen's Club
Real Name: Nick
Location: Texas

Favorite Map: Shuffle off this Mortal Coil
Favorite Game: Flag Rally
Favorite Unit: Bowman
My illustrious career includes the following teams:
Ira Dei - beat GtM in mwc99
the Cagey Ghols - beat WP in mwc00, knocked out by Np, also played in NML
the Cagey Inquisition - Cagey Ghols merged with Spin, CI placed 6th of 67 teams in 01, also played in NML2
BIA/ICBM - didn't play much in 03 but my peeps got it done :P
Men of Rohan - didn't join up until after 04, but they were great practice partners since the time of NML, much <3

Hmm who else...
RR and I entered the great fetacular and made finals. I played for Evil Empire in Champions of Myth too.
Ira Dei joined up with ~C~ for a while so I played with Gore, Olympus, Gunda, Pinion, and Gia but I don't think we entered a tournament.
I was with nanus improbus for a while too, but again I don't think we entered anything.
Oh and I was on the SSHL team that played in one of DRAK ANGLE's TFL tournaments. :P

I hosted MWC 2001, FoC, FoC2, co-hosted NML2, helped out with LHSC, MWC 2004, the Blood Tournament, and Champions of Myth, and played in countless others.

D:  <--- Dismay at my 2 ball rating

I'd play if grim wouldn't crack the whip so much on building this site!!
Threat Assessment - Grim

Play more and ye shall be upgraded.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
WS has been inactive since FoC2. I recall he was on the ICBM roster in 04' but was probably the weakest link on that team.

He might struggle to do his given role well. Scrapes a 2 rating

edit - ok WS deserves an upgrade as he has been the hvi hittur of the team so far with KH
Threat Assessment - tiger
Wight Slayer is an old schooler from cg and MoR. He was a very good Myth player back in the day, but for now he'll just remain a very good TO :)
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