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Maps this week...
Smells Like My Nemesis Flag Rally 12m
Drowned Empire Territories 12m
Caer Cadarn (dark) Capture the Flag 14m
Cracks in the Cloudspine Flag Rally 14m
The Barrens (venice x2) Last Man on the Hill 12m
The Great Divide (allies) Assassin 14m
Barbarian Valley (dark) Flag Rally 12m
Recent Results...
7T00NP vs tcox47-23
6E00NP vs BME34-9
5W00NP vs BIA330-29
5T00tcox vs BME29-27
5E00BIA3 vs nfdf45-13
"The tournament has ended" - GrimWed, Aug 09, 2006
Congratulations for both finalists and the winner in particular!

Overall I think that this tournament was a success, so we would like to thank everyone who helped us create this tournament. Most of all the staff would like that thank everyone who participated in the tournament this year, since after all it is up to the players themselves to make the tournament a success. I think it's a rather unique thing that a game that is as old as this game can still live on. The Mwc tradition has lasted for eight years now and hopefully it won't end here. I hope you all enjoyed the tournament as much as we did!

The winner of the ratio contest is most likely Drizzt, but we will know that once we have the films scored. We will know the winners of the article contest this Sunday when the poll finishes, so stay tuned! At the moment it seems that the order in that one will be 1) Ducky 2) Cheesefist and 3) Blade. The money for the betting pool will be going to Micsan from the team Nfdf, like Ws mentioned already. The money prizes should be delivered soon.

Now we just wait for the possible Mwc2007! After all it's Myth's 10 year anniversary next year. Never say never!
MWC06 concludes! - Wight SlayerWed, Aug 09, 2006
The Northern Paladins this year claim their second Myth World Cup, after beating the top bracket champions, ThunderCox, in Sudden Death in the finals.

Congratulations to both teams, and a big thank you goes out to everybody who played this year.  I had a blast and know many more did as well.

Also, this outcome means that Micsan of the nfdf team is our Betting Pool winner.  While he didn't pick the top 8 perfectly, it was pretty darn close.

The article contest will conclude on Sunday, so look forward to that announcement as well.
The time for the finals - GrimTue, Aug 08, 2006
The finals have been scheduled for Wednesday 1pm cst. Be there if you wish to join the masses of lobby sitters!

A neutral host is probably needed, so if you think you got a nice host and you're willing to host the games, go ahead and show up.
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