Player Statistics
Games Attended:9
Record (W/T/L):7/0/2
Games Captained:3
Record (W/T/L):3/0/0
Kills - Losses:69-50
Best Game:10-3
Damage / Game:53
Best Game:75
Bet Pool Accur:2.0
Bet Pool Total:42
Bet Pool Rank:28th
Myk the Lame
wtfLogin: myk
Team: The F'ing Sorcerers
Real Name: Michael Mancini
Location: Washington, D.C.

Favorite Map: Boil and Bubble
Favorite Game: Territories
Favorite Unit: Gia's outnumbered ghol.
*** 1999 ***
Buy game
*** 2000 ***
TGD - Champion
ToA - Finalist (withdrew due to conflicting interests of being both a TO and a finalist - gave Phod, as next-highest scoring alternate, the spot - Drizzt won the tournament)
MWC2k - Spin 3rd place team
*** stop playing (2000) ***
Snowboard instructor/lift operator at Mammoth Mountain, CA
*** start playing (2001) ***
MWC2K1 - ci 6th place disaster
*** stop playing (2001) ***
Batcave Fantasy Football Inaugural Champion!!!!!
Go back to college
Get B.A.
Go to law school
It sucks
*** Return 2006 ***
MWC2K6 - start playing one week before tournament starts, after four year layoff (still fun, unfortunately)
*** 2006 post-MWC2K6: stop playing again ***

Peripatetic order history, including most notably WP, -e.i-, and Spin ("The Spanish Inquisition" was an unfortunate name for a really nice group of guys, as an aside).

I also seem to have developed a forum reputation, which is interesting since I haven't posted a word in four years.

One ball!
Threat Assessment - Grim
Myk has not played much after mwc03 I believe, unless he was in the Lame team for mwc04. I'm too lazy to check now. He's not quite as hawt as he was back in the days, but in the games I've seen him play now he's been doing alright. He is most likely more dangerous in the forums though.

I wish this team would add Myrk to their roster too. Then they would have Myrk, Myk and Myrch. Wouldn't that just be great?
Threat Assessment - Dantski
I've never seen him play  :(

edit - well now I have and he's pretty much what you'd expect from someone who has been away sooo long, will probably have trouble keeping up with some of his fellow players in the ratio contest
Threat Assessment - tiger
Myk is a sharp guy and a top player. After years of inactivity, he has returned to already be an asset on any random team. Given a proper plan in a tournament setting, expect Myk to dominate average or lesser opponents and to stand up to some of the best.
Threat Assessment - Wight Slayer
Myk was a very strong player on WP, spin, and CI, until the end of 01, when he quit myth.  

Until now.  He's back, playing often, and he's as fierce as ever.

Update: ...and then he disappeared again. :(  fy myk! downgrade
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