Player Statistics
Games Attended:6
Record (W/T/L):3/0/3
Games Captained:2
Record (W/T/L):1/0/1
Kills - Losses:39-45
Best Game:20-3
Damage / Game:67
Best Game:122
Bet Pool Accur:1.8
Bet Pool Total:42
Bet Pool Rank:12th
Login: mattdaman
Team: Gentlemen's Club
Real Name:

Favorite Map:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Unit:
None submitted.
Threat Assessment - Grim
Asmodians personality is rather noticable. He seems to be the organizer guy for this team. As a player he often thinks he's alot better than he actually is, but he has also been improving himself. He's not really worth three balls yet, but a high two for now.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
Asmodian was an unknown player just a couple of years ago. Nowadays he is often a figure of fun among some of the better players because he often makes serious mistakes.

Despite being the lead organiser, I'm not sure he will captain too many games. In these smaller roles he can do a decent job without doing anything special.

A high 2
Threat Assessment - tiger
Asmodian used to be the definition of a dead average player, despite his enormously outsized ego. A year of relative inactivity has reduced him to the definition of a subpar player. He is one of the best there is, incidently, at running his melee into opposing dwarves and giving up easy victories. Regardless, he's not a bad captain.
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