Player Statistics
Games Attended:5
Record (W/T/L):3/0/2
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:12-30
Best Game:4-2
Damage / Game:25
Best Game:61
Bet Pool Accur:2.3
Bet Pool Total:46
Bet Pool Rank:37th
Wighty Jr            .gc
There is this thing on the internet called LAG. Right now it is eating away at you. :OLogin: kenran
Team: Gentlemen's Club
Real Name: Jordan
Location: TX

Favorite Map: Dead Mans Float
Favorite Game: KOTH
Favorite Unit: Souless
I am Wight Slayers little brother and started playing myth about a year ago. I played in the last MWC with TFS who is by my standard a good team...but anyway this year I wanted to get some good experience so i joined a team with my bro and now am gonna get some learning experience.
Threat Assessment - Grim
Wighty.Jr is a nice guy with ok myth skills. He will most likely be a support player for this team. A low two balls.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
wighty jr was going to be in TFS. He is easily the weakest player in this team and will be busier fetching drinks than fetching opponents
Threat Assessment - tiger
Wighty Jr. might be the nicest guy in Myth. I am glad to see him off the TFS team, where he had no future. Good luck on this vet squad - learn from them and you'll improve in no time.
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