Player Statistics
Games Attended:23
Record (W/T/L):13/0/10
Games Captained:23
Record (W/T/L):13/0/10
Kills - Losses:159-268
Best Game:17-4
Damage / Game:65
Best Game:298
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A
Lina Inverse
Reality has a well-known liberal bias. - Stephen ColbertLogin: sunstyle
Team: Gentlemen's Club
Real Name: Shawna Fisher
Location: Japan in September!

Favorite Map: Rand McNally
Favorite Game: Mary Kate and Ashley something or other
Favorite Unit: What a lame set of 'info' boxes
I doubt anyone makes real biographies, but whatever-  I might as well.

I started playing in 1999, just hopping between ranked and unranked random games, not socializing at all (I came from where no community exists, just gaming).  I ended up playing with a few WP ppl in ranked, and they invited me and a few other ppl to come join them in unranked for some games.  I ended up quickly becoming friends with them, and joined WP-  and have been with them ever since.

Shortly thereafter, I started to get frustrated with all the harassment that accompanied being a female on myth (which continues to this day, you bastards =p).  So, I started looking into admins and how their system worked.  Bullseye was the first admin I actually spoke with.  I told him how frustrating it was having ppl be lame late at night when no admins were on.  So he said "contact Mordia, talk to him".  Within a few weeks of sending Mordia harassing emails, I was given my BNA position.

From there, I played in my first tournament (MLM) in the winter of 1999.  Dalron was captain of the WP team, and we were pretty much JUST coop players at that point.  We were slated for bottom rung.  Well, Dalron disappeared, so we needed a captain.  I took over, and using a mixture of forcing inconvenient gametimes and demanding our hax0red host, we managed to finish in the top 4 after a few huge upset matches (GTM, and exce).

NML, we managed to get 3rd place after a loss to Civil (SF) in the semifinals.  This was the first time people started to consider the possibility that WP *might* be okay.  

MWC00, we placed in the top 10 after beating BMF in a huge upset during the QR (again, a mixture of forcing bad gametimes and hax0red host).  WP had made it!  We were a decent team.  Just in time for everyone to go inactive and for to get shut down =\

The last big tournament I played in was MWC 01, when Monkey Island fought its way to 3rd place with me Zara Magellan and Mortur as captain.  Our team was made up of the few remaining active WP ppl (Mag, Monkeysan, Knight Hawk), as well as several guys from this current team (Zara, Syn, Mortur, etc)

I missed the big final round, as it coincided exactly with my first week at college.

Now, college is complete and I'm getting ready to move off to Japan in September.  Unfortunately there's a good chance I'll miss alot of matches, since I'll be visitting family and friends all summer before I go =(.

If you read this all, you must be very bored!  

Threat Assessment - Grim
Lina is a girl  ::snicker::

She's been coming back for the mwc tournaments on a regular basis and has done some swell job in them too. She has started being active again from what I've seen she isn't that rusty. She should be one of the more important players in this team.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
Lina doesn't seem to be that hot at myth.

But other people say she at least some some ability

edit - ok I was wrong! Lina is solid but not an overly powerful player
Threat Assessment - tiger
Lina is a great captain and should be the star of the Team Name squad. Although she does not micro like a five baller, she's got terrific game awareness. As a result, you'll rarely see her make a mistaken engagement with melee or artillery.
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