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Threat Assessment
This team is formed by the old real men and tco gang. Both halves have been playing for a long time, but they haven't been all too active lately. I can't remember how well they did in mwc05 and since its crappy site isn't working properly, I can't see how they did from the site either. Their roster doesn't seem to be as solid as it has been in the past (lacking players like Covert and St.joan), so that doesn't really bode well for them. They should probably still do pretty well and a close to top 10 finish wouldn't be a surprise.

Post QR update: They did pretty much as I expected. They lost big to Np, won a close game vs TFS and defeated Ooh with big numbers. They start the DE from seed #14 and I'm pretty sure that's rather close to their final finishing position. They could do slightly better though, but I'm rather sceptical about their chances of nudging into top ten.

Update DE2: They lost to the Elephantoids quite badly and are now in the bottom bracket. They are playing a tough team right away after the easier Mxc match, and that does not bode well for them. Gc is going to be a high mountain for these guys to climb over.

Summary: Rma started the tournament by losing the Np quite badly, but then they started playing better and won the next three matches. Then they got stomped by the Herd. After that they defeated another weaker opponent untill GC sent them to their summer vacation. Their final placing is the 14th spot this year, so their showing was rather similar to the previous years. Perhaps next year they can lure Dantski and Covert back to the team!This team has received 12 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:14
QR Pool:Acerus Malum
QR Exit Seed:13
QR Diff Avg:2.00
Points Scored:160
Points Allowed:154
Avg Point Diff:0.86
Team Kills:1033
Damage Done:9487
Damage Taken:9899
Frequent Captains
Mad Dog     ·rma· (maddog)W/T/L: 5/0/5Captained: 10Papa (vaidoso)W/T/L: 4/0/5Captained: 9Ascot                   rm (ascot)W/T/L: 4/0/4Captained: 8
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