Match Q031 - Qualifying Round
ThunderCox defeats Gentlemen's Club 20-14
Reviewed by Will             ­n­ (click name to read)
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Game 1: Flag Rally on Stalk on the Borderlands  12-6
ThunderCoxkldGentlemen's Clubkld
Ramirez (pyrlos)5120Lina Inverse (sunstyle)102268
Ruiner (ruiner)2210144Wight Slayer (muaddib)71234
Clank (clank)16581knight hawk (knighthawk)6722
Stormrider (yodacat)13471Myk the Lame (myk)6755
Cave (bram)6331Pe|e            *Ancrik* (Wankah)4945
Ed (Edcase)5717Secret Agent Man! (tensack)2713
qwerty (ytrewq)3132Infector          Ancrik (180sx)11030
Game 2: Assassin on If I Had a Trow...  8-0
ThunderCoxkldGentlemen's Clubkld
Ramirez (pyrlos)4148Lina Inverse (sunstyle)1328163
qwerty (ytrewq)207110Infector          Ancrik (180sx)912163
Ruiner (ruiner)184168Secret Agent Man! (tensack)41068
Cave (bram)149221Pe|e            *Ancrik* (Wankah)2540
Clank (clank)124131Myk the Lame (myk)1337
Ed (Edcase)8183Wighty Jr            .gc (kenran)11126
Stormrider (yodacat)2857Loco (locoancrik)0921
Game 3: Territories on Calm before the Storm  8-0
Gentlemen's ClubkldThunderCoxkld
Lina Inverse (sunstyle)31346Clank (clank)31226
Wight Slayer (muaddib)163124Ed (Edcase)17861
Infector          Ancrik (180sx)11675Cave (bram)12971
Myk the Lame (myk)10471Ruiner (ruiner)1010141
Secret Agent Man! (tensack)71756Henry (cmpgroup)2939
Leif (leif)7675Stormrider (yodacat)21014
Croaker (Croakertbc)0626Flatline (Flatline)059
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