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Threat Assessment
This team seems to contain some of the most "controversial" people that still play this game. THOR causes fuss in the ranked rooms of with his witty and on topic commentary. I can't really see how this team would have any meaningful team play, since communication problems will probably be an issue, due to alot of players being Brazilians who can't speak english too well. The players in this team have been very active though and they have some pretty decent players. They should walk over the weaker teams in this tournament and create some problems to others, but I just don't think they have what it takes to make a top 10 finish.

Update: Their roster has changed quite abit, but my original prediction still stands.

Post QR update: I think it's possible that this team will make a top ten finish. It will be a challenge however. They will probably go down to the bottom bracket once they face a four (or more) trow team. After that I'm pretty sure they can make some noise in the b-bracket, but they will be eliminated after they face a "good" team again.

Update DE2: Well howdy! They managed to d0ng Tnam to the bottom bracket. Tnam didn't really have their best roster present, but that's still pretty good I'd say. It will be interesting to see how they will do vs the winner of the Ele vs Bmw match. Their opponent will most likely be the Elephants, who they lost their match in the QR. Will this teams cinderalla ride continue or will the Herd stomp them once again?

Update DE3: The herd didn't actually "stomp" them, but they did punt them quite badly anyway. Their next opponent will be God Cops (Gentlemen's club) and that match is expected to be a good one. Will DET's heavy hitters d0ng out the senile GC team or will experience decide that match? Time will tell. It's been a nice run for these guys in any case.

Summary: Team THO... sorry DET was probably the surprise team this year. I don't think anyone but Seeker predicted these guys to do this well. Their biggest accomplishment was to defeat Tnam. Perhaps the victory over GC was well deserved as well. This team saw alot of infighting, but they managed to overcome that untill their last match vs Nfdf. They lost that match quite badly. 8th spot finish is pretty good for a team whose players, with the exception of few played their first MWC this year.This team has received 34 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:8
QR Pool:Andvari
QR Exit Seed:12
QR Diff Avg:4.00
Points Scored:164
Points Allowed:131
Avg Point Diff:4.12
Team Kills:1239
Damage Done:10472
Damage Taken:10981
Frequent Captains
T H O R            Elite (universal7)W/T/L: 14/0/13Captained: 27ALK (alk4life)W/T/L: 1/0/0Captained: 1R a w  r           (oldschool)W/T/L: 0/0/1Captained: 1
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