Order of H'Pak
Contact: Two Saks

Next Match: Next match time not yet available.
The H'Pak are an order dedicated to blood, guts and fine confection.
Threat Assessment
Order of H'pak first hit the mwc scene in mwc04. They didn't do too well, but ended up finishing slightly higher than they probably should have, due to a couple of teams forfeiting against them. I have no idea how they did in mwc05, since the site for the tournament isn't quite what it should be. They aren't the most inactive or active team in this tournament. I have mostly spotted them playing late night unranked games with each other. I think the people in this team also made plugins like Rocket Dorf fest and such. They probably are not one of the weakest teams in this tournament, but I don't think they have a shot at finish close to top 10.

Post QR update: Unfortunately I must say that Ooh might turn out to be one of the weakest teams in this tournament. They lost all their matches quite badly except vs TFS, but it was still a loss. A DE2 exit is more than probably. Sorry guys!

Update DE2: Well, they did managed to beat up the undermmaned Gypo team, but they will most likely meet their demise this weekend. If they are smart enough to abuse the 3am fallback on friday, they might continue instead of Np, but after that Poop will take care of them most likely.

Summary: I still don't really know these guys too well, even after playing them twice in this tournament. Frumius is the only name I can really recognize from their roster. Their showing in this tournament wasn't exactly impressive, but since these probably play alot together, I'm sure they have some potential. It just doesn't show yet!This team has received 8 betting pool "votes".
Team Roster
Two Saks (dheilman)Baak (Baaklor)vinylrake (vinylrake)Monstertool (Monstertool)Frumius (frumius)Nokilli (Nokilli)Hedgesnake (Hedgesnake)CobraKid (CobraKid)Queso (Queso)Hungrosity (Hungrosity)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:22
QR Pool:Acerus Malum
QR Exit Seed:23
QR Diff Avg:-17.33
Points Scored:95
Points Allowed:165
Avg Point Diff:-11.67
Team Kills:539
Damage Done:5791
Damage Taken:8344
Frequent Captains
Baak (Baaklor)W/T/L: 3/0/7Captained: 10Frumius (frumius)W/T/L: 2/0/3Captained: 5Queso (Queso)W/T/L: 2/0/3Captained: 5
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