Myth World Cup 2006 Staff
We'd like to take a moment here to thank all the contributors who will make this an awesome tournament. Thanks guys!
MWC 2006 OfficialsGrim
Wight Slayer
Match Reporters 
Neutral Hosts 
Tournament DesignButcher
Rules and ScoringGrim
Wight Slayer
General Site LayoutNitro
Wight Slayer
General Site GraphicsNitro
Wight Slayer
Ducky Tank
ImplementationWight Slayer
Strategy Corner 
Spotlight Matches 
Team of the Week 
Blunder of the Week 
Threat Assessments 
Film Reviewers (3 or more) 
Special Thanks
Bungie Software, for creating the best and most competitive game we've ever played.
Butcher, for starting the Myth World Cup tradition with two phenomenal installments.
Tiger and THOR, for providing the amazing cash prize.
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