Among the leagues and ranks of the peasantry, perhaps none received more recognition than Rurik. His fame, of course, came not so much from his ability to put food on the table as it came from his uncanny ability to find himself in danger, despite a level of wussiness unmatched in all the foothills of the Cloudspine.
Gentlemen's Club14-20n/a28-628-612.67
Even Idiots Can Win14-206-28n/a16-20-10.67
Companion Raiders4-286-2820-16n/a-14.00
June 3-4, 2006 - Current TimeTeam One Team Two
Sunday, 3pm CDTGentlemen's Club (GC)vsEven Idiots Can Win (EICW)
Sunday, 7am CDTThunderCox (tcox)vsCompanion Raiders (C)
June 10-11, 2006 - Current TimeTeam One Team Two
Sunday, 2pm CDTGentlemen's Club (GC)vsCompanion Raiders (C)
Saturday, 6pm CDTThunderCox (tcox)vsEven Idiots Can Win (EICW)
June 17-18, 2006 - Current TimeTeam One Team Two
Saturday, 6pm CDTThunderCox (tcox)vsGentlemen's Club (GC)
Sunday, 2pm CDTEven Idiots Can Win (EICW)vsCompanion Raiders (C)
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