Player Statistics
Games Attended:3
Record (W/T/L):1/0/2
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:5-16
Best Game:0-0
Damage / Game:19
Best Game:47
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A
Login: magellan
Team: Gentlemen's Club
Real Name:

Favorite Map:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Unit:
None submitted.
Threat Assessment - Grim
Magellen isn't exactly a heavy hitter, but he's been playing for a long time and should get the job done.  He wont roll over you though.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
Mag is one of the wolfpack guys who only comes back for MWC. He's fairly solid with his artillery units, but is suspect to more active players.

Role player for GC
Threat Assessment - tiger
Magellan hasn't played in a long time, but he was a competent player on WP. Due to inactivity, but a history of solid play, he's a 2 baller.
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