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Games Attended:32
Record (W/T/L):19/0/13
Games Captained:4
Record (W/T/L):1/0/3
Kills - Losses:203-153
Best Game:19-0
Bet Pool Accur:4.1
Bet Pool Total:74
Bet Pool Rank:18th


HAR you monkeys!  Eat my feces! Login: bonjornste
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Favorite Unit: Bearded Cappy
Ahoy maties!  
Once a young school boy, Guybrush was deserted and left on a mysterious island.  The first night was horrible, as Guybrush recalls hearing strange, high-pitched sounds, such as those that a monkey makes.  The next day, while investigating the island, Guybrush stumbled upon a purple lump in the sand.  He kicked it with a strong force.  "Yooooucchhh!" cried the purple object.  The object was a monkey!  This wasn't an ordinary monkey; it had a long white, silky beard, large, ocular eyes, and prodigious teeth that stuck out like a sore thumb.  The monkey reached for his posterior and grabbed some just layed feces.  He hurled them at Guybrush!  Guybrush quickly avoided the mess and screamed in outrage.  Guybrush reached for his posterior, pulled out a few large, squishy brown critters and hurled them at the monkey.  "HAR you monkeys!  Eat my feces!" he screamed.  These brown organisms scourched the monkey's face.  These feces were a few seconds, the monkey blew up!  "HAR HAR HAR!" said Guybrush.  "I am the true ruler.  You simians are no match for me!" he exclaimed.  And from that day on, every  monkey that Guybrush encountered was blown to smitherenes.
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