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Player Statistics
Games Attended:35
Record (W/T/L):29/0/6
Games Captained:14
Record (W/T/L):12/0/2
Kills - Losses:261-171
Best Game:24-0
Bet Pool Accur:4.9
Bet Pool Total:94
Bet Pool Rank:45th

Ho Jangles

Good, bad, Im the guy with the electric shock gag. Login: stinger
Real Name: Beach
Location: Undecided

Favorite Map: For Carnage Apply Within
Favorite Game: Flag Rally
Favorite Unit: Soulless
Balloon animals are your friends.
Threat Assessment:
Stinger is another of this team's key players, and will probably be their most frequent captain. Sting has a deep order history, from playing for the winning Civil Order in mwc99, to playing with the MWC2k runners-up the Ginslingers after that tourney ended.

Sting probably the team's most well-rounded player, and can handle practically any role with ease.
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