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Player Statistics
Games Attended:31
Record (W/T/L):24/0/7
Games Captained:2
Record (W/T/L):2/0/0
Kills - Losses:214-126
Best Game:27-0
Bet Pool Accur:7.5
Bet Pool Total:94
Bet Pool Rank:84th

Monte VI

nope Login: montevi
Real Name: Daniel
Location: Sthlm, Sweden

Favorite Map:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Unit:
Motne™ has played Monopoly, Risk, Chess his whole life. He won a copy of Miff just a few years ago, and liked it almost as much as SimCity.
   The only thing missing in Meef is the fact that you can't call upon Natural disasters, that's why Motne™ is going back to SimCity once we enter the new millenium.
Threat Assessment:
Monte often finds himself at the helm of MoR's games. His cat-like reflexes and intuition make him a great player and captain. To back that up Monte has tons of past tournament experience. Beware, for he will reap havoc among your forces if your not careful.
Build time: 6ms