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Player Statistics
Games Attended:31
Record (W/T/L):22/1/8
Games Captained:10
Record (W/T/L):6/0/4
Kills - Losses:308-190
Best Game:24-0
Bet Pool Accur:10.8
Bet Pool Total:161
Bet Pool Rank:120th


Maximum Efficiency. Minimum Effort. Login: ryote
Real Name: Daddy
Location: right on top of you

Favorite Map: Venice
Favorite Game: All
Favorite Unit: locs
Ego will kill a team faster than your opponent!
Threat Assessment:
Tuko is a very versatile player and a able captain.  He can play dark and light maps effectively.  He is probably the most skillful player in MoR.  He was a excellent addition to their roster.  He helped lead them to their first major tournament win in NML2.  

We'll see if he can help lead them to their 2nd major tournament win in MWC2k1.
Build time: 6ms