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Player Statistics
Games Attended:31
Record (W/T/L):24/1/6
Games Captained:15
Record (W/T/L):13/1/1
Kills - Losses:179-142
Best Game:26-5
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A


"I am so good they named an order after me" Login: rohan
Real Name: John Whitney
Location: Sterling Heights, MI

Favorite Map: Creep
Favorite Game: Terris
Favorite Unit: Ghoul
Rohan was born the son of a noodle farmer in pre-WWII germany. After years of struggling on the family farm he was disowned for pointing out the noodles didnt so much grow as just sagged in the rain.
Rohan then spent the next 10 years wandering around Europe selling computer software. The sales were few and far between becuase the personal computer was yet to be invented. Undaunted he moved to America, got an education in art and waited for someone to make a PC.
48 years later at the age of 25 (no that does not make any sense but it should be pointed out that Rohan was always a very poor at math) he met someone in a room of that would forever change his life... supermodel Elle Macpherson. The two got married and had 78 children, all of which became the past and present members of MoR.
Elle left Rohan in early 2000 saying only "what the hell was I thinking?" Rohan now spends his life wallowing in freakish misery with the other myth lifers on SSHL. Sam Stone commented on Rohan's slow demise in a recent interview with Bob Costas on HBO.
 "I like socks!" - Sam Stone
 While his personal life now resembled that of a ex-Different Strokes child star Rohan business life seemed to be turning around with the invention of the personal computer. With someone to actually sell his software to Rohan's business obligations may keep him from devoting all the time he would wish to MWC2K1.
Threat Assessment:
Rohan happens to be one of the many respected play in Men of Rohan.  Rohans knowledge of Myth would make him an asset to any team he would play for.  Over the years he has become a battle scared veteran of famous tournaments such as MWC 99 , MWC 00, and NML 2.  This expierence will definetly play in his favor.
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