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Player Statistics
Games Attended:40
Record (W/T/L):32/0/8
Games Captained:13
Record (W/T/L):10/0/3
Kills - Losses:506-213
Best Game:30-0
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A

3 balls the clown

Login: genericmp
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I'm the sad clown because I'm the first one to get a pie in the face every damn performance. I'm sad because this job sucks. "Chicks dig clowns like dogs dig shit", thats what they told me. I have yet to figure out if that was supposed to be a good or a bad thing, all I know is that I haven't gotten laid in 5 years. Maybe its the clinging smell of elephant crap. Sad because I have to support my drunk bum dad. And let my slutty mother take all the room in my moldy, run down appartment, while I sleep in the god damn shower with her dozen kids, like I don't get enough of the fuckin kids under the big top, throwing popcorn and cokes on me while I step in a pile of elephant shit trying to get away from them. And all just so their damn parents can tell their water cooler buddies that they took their satanic midget kids to the circus and had a great time, quality time, what a perfect parent they are. Screw them all to hell.
  Want to know what I hate most?
  What I especially fucking hate the most is that I can't laugh it off like that bastard Chuckles, psycho son of a bitch would keep laughing as you bashed in his face with a monkey wrench. And the rest of them are just as bad.
  All clowns are sad, I'm just the kernal of truth in this pathetic lie we call life. They paint their faces and act happy, jump out of boxes and what the hell ever. They can't hide the fact that they are the scum of humanity, freaks with big shoes. Lapel flowers, honking noses, stupid hats... fuck the clowns, fuck the kids, the circus sucks.
  I don't need this crap, I got better things to do, I got a late date with a bottle of 20 proof at Al's Swillhouse down the street.
Threat Assessment:
Jeff the Meek is a fearsome all around player, but rarely gets a chance to show off.  In most tournaments in the past he has lead the Clan Mac Gaming team to less than spectacular results.  However, it seems he has signed on with Cirque as a heavy hitter for this MWC.  We're excited to see what Jeff can do as part of a skillful and dedicated team.
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