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Player Statistics
Games Attended:27
Record (W/T/L):21/0/6
Games Captained:9
Record (W/T/L):7/0/2
Kills - Losses:103-123
Best Game:11-0
Bet Pool Accur:5.1
Bet Pool Total:76
Bet Pool Rank:48th

Mr. Top Hat

=( Login: balefire
Real Name: Carlos
Location: Freak Tent

Favorite Map: Keep Across The River
Favorite Game: Territories
Favorite Unit: Ghol
I hate writing these things, so let me turn on EGOmodeā„¢.
Semi-finalist in:
Trial By Combat
Major League Myth 2
the Golden Days

Yeah yeah, I always choke in the semis, so look for Cirque to go down then too.
Threat Assessment:
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Bale has been on many, many... many, many, many, many teams in his Myth career. Some successful (Ancrik, Spin), some not so successful (Desf). Then there are about twenty other teams in between that we've forgotten about :-\

Anyway, the point is that Bale has enough experience under his belt to pick up whatever slack there might be from him being a newcomer to the team. He can work miracles with a single near-dead maul - like killing a trow AND a warlock with it, for example. Definitely a solid addition to the fs platoon.
Build time: 5ms